Important information about Mike Barnes' PNFS Geodata Project

Important information about
Mike Barnes' PNFS Geodata Project

What is this?

The "PNFS Geodata Project" is me (Mike Barnes) taking the rights-of-way data available at, supplemented by various other data and mapping software, and seeing what can be done with it that could be of use for PNFS volunteering activities. Using that data I created the "applications". They are not official Society products. I wrote them for my own use on a high-performance PC using the latest Firefox browser. They weren't designed with other computers or users in mind. But you're welcome to use them and I hope they work well for you. If not - sorry.

The data is not definitive

I'm using what I believe to be the latest and most accurate digital data available. However, for various reasons including manual digitisation by the highway authorities, and subsequent processing errors, some paths' identities and routes are incomplete, inaccurate, or out of date. Also the OS Explorer map is probably not as up to date as it might be. If you find something amiss, be alert to the possibility of error. The only truly reliable source of path data is the (paper) definitive map held by the Highway Authority.

Some data is missing

There is no data for these highway authorities: Bradford, Derby, Halton, Knowsley, Leeds, Liverpool, Sheffield, Stoke-on-Trent.

All the data is, to a greater or lesser extent, out of date

The data that these applications use is constantly changing. You might be looking at out-of-date data. Take careful note of the dates on which the data was supplied. You'll see that some data is several years old.

BA (Barnsley)18th February 2014RD (Rochdale)30th April 2013
BD (Blackburn with Darwen)6th March 2014RH (Rotherham)25th March 2014
BL (Blackpool)6th March 2014SA (St Helens)11th March 2014
BN (Bolton)24th May 2013SD (Salford)24th September 2015
BY (Bury)16th December 2013SE (Sefton)17th March 2014
CA (Calderdale)4th June 2014SK (Stockport)27th November 2014
CE (Cheshire East)19th February 2014SS (Staffordshire)15th March 2016
CW (Cheshire West and Chester)7th April 2014TA (Tameside)10th June 2014
DE (Derbyshire)4th June 2016TR (Trafford)Q1 2015
DO (Doncaster)2nd May 2014WA (Warrington)3rd June 2013
KL (Kirklees)7th March 2014WK (Wakefield)8th July 2013
LA (Lancashire)6th March 2014WL (Wirral)1st April 2013
MC (Manchester)Q1 2015WN (Wigan)18th February 2014
OL (Oldham)17th May 2016

The date of the data from the PNFS databases is: 17th May 2016.


I use the word “division” to mean the name that usually accompanies a footpath number. For instance, in "Cheadle and Gatley FP1", the division is "Cheadle & Gatley". Whatever name the highway authority uses, that's the name I use in this project. That may or may not be the same as the "parish" name used in the PNFS database, which often isn't a real parish anyway.

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