Extra Features

The real jukebox is actually rather more complicated than the previous pages would suggest. I've tried to keep my descriptions simple and concentrate on the essentials. This page describes some of the additional features which have been left out.

More remote control options

Photo of iPhone

The remote control, being a web page, can be used on devices other than the iPad. It can run on a desktop PC, or on an iPad Touch, or on an iPhone. The iOS version provides just the essentials rather than the full remote facilities (see illustration, right).

Four listening rooms

The jukebox is actually available in four different rooms. Most "multi-room" installations allow you to listen to different things in each room, but that's of no interest to us, and all the rooms get the same music.

Each room has its own remote control (one iPad, one desktop PC, and two iPod Touches). Two of the rooms have iPad monitor screens. When music is played with one remote, the other remotes and the monitor screens update immediately.

All four amplifiers are fed in parallel from the DAC outputs.

One room is difficult to get audio cables to. The audio signal goes over CAT5 cable with a balun at each end.

Additions to the monitor screen

The monitor display has been enhanced to display additional information. What started out as a simple "what's playing" display has gradually developed into a more comprehensive information centre.