Using the Remote Control

Design features

The design of the remote control screen is loosely based on the "iPod" app of the original (iOS 4) iPad, slightly updated to look more like iOS 7. So it's simple to use. It has some features that are different from the iPod and many other music players. The most important of those features are:

Deferred play: When you touch a track on the iPod, it plays immediately. But when you touch a track (or album) on Mike's Jukebox, you have the option of allowing whatever's currently playing to finish before your choice is played. This makes it simpler to combine listening and browsing.

Made for classical: The iPod's listings and menus are designed for popular music and don't work well for classical. But Mike's Jukebox separates the classical music from the rest and presents it in a more helpful way. So classical music is easier to find and easier to select for playing.

Made for albums: The iPod is designed for people who download individual tracks. We don't do that: our collection is complete CD albums only. That difference influences many features of the player, particularly the way that you browse through lists of artists, albums, tracks, etc. Browsing is a more familiar process for people used to rummaging through stacks of LPs and CDs.

The remote control screen

This is how the remote control screen looks:



Thumbnail: Popular: Top 20 Artists Thumbnail: After tapping on an artist Thumbnail: After tapping on an album Thumbnail: An album track listing Thumbnail: After tapping on an album track Thumbnail: All tracks for an artist Thumbnail: Popular: Album Artists (artists with at least one complete album) Thumbnail: Popular: All Artists (includes artists with track(s) on compilations only) Thumbnail: Popular: Years Thumbnail: After tapping on a year Thumbnail: Classical: Top 20 Composers Thumbnail: Classical: All Composers Thumbnail: Classical: Album Artists (albums featuring the performer) Thumbnail: All pieces for a composer (showing name of piece and album) Thumbnail: Search (has found two artists, three albums, and six other tracks) Thumbnail: New (recently added albums) Thumbnail: Lucky Dip (random selection) Thumbnail: History (recently played albums) Thumbnail: Now Playing: Album (current and queued tracks are animated) Thumbnail: Now Playing: Artist (all music by this artist) Thumbnail: Now Playing: Queue (what's coming next: three tracks, two albums) Thumbnail: Sound (remote control for the amplifier) Thumbnail: About Thumbnail: Tapping the Google button
Screenshot: Popular: Top 20 Artists
Popular: Top 20 Artists