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What's this site about?

Mike's Jukebox is a PC-based music player that I have designed and constructed for use in our house. The first Mike's Jukebox was completed in early 2005, when home media players weren't available for purchase. Although home media players are now commonplace, I've continued to develop my own jukebox because for me it's better than most media players you can buy.

... and a host of minor benefits, including the satisfaction of designing and building something myself.

This site will be of interest to you if you're thinking of creating your own PC-based jukebox. It isn't a package available for you to buy and it isn't even a design for you to follow. I've designed the jukebox for my household's requirements only.

Much of the software I've used is available off-the-shelf, but I've written some of it myself. You're welcome to a copy of my code, but it's very complicated and to make anything of it you'll need to be familiar with web page construction languages such as HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and Perl.

For any comments or questions there's an e-mail address on my home page.

What does "Mike's Jukebox" look like?

Photo of lounge equipment

There are the bits you can see...

Photo of server PC
Photo of DAC

... and the bits you can't normally see: